Pendant "Santorini" in yellow gold

We decided to create a very special jewelry that will be a symbol of love and fairy tale that surrounded the newlyweds on Santorini, and have made unique pendant in the form of map of the island, where the stone indicates the exact location of the wedding ceremony. This unusual ornament will be a wonderful gift for a wedding anniversary or the other celebration and allows you and your spouse remember those unforgettable emotions of happiness that was on Santorini island.

This decoration create a protective circle around the person, who wears it, which protects against failures. Secondly, the shape of Santorini island recalls moon crescent, and it is the embodiment of the feminine. To add magical characteristics of this talisman we offer to choose a stone, which will be posted to the place of the island, where your ceremony took places, and choose the material from which will be fabricated the pendant.

When you wear the jewel you will have feeling that someone invisible, strong and kind takes your hand and leads to the desired goal.

In our shop three are 3 kinds of pendants - in white gold, yellow gold and silver and the stone can be from diamonds and rube, topaz to cubic zirconia. Cost of the pendant will depend on the type of gold and stone. The basic cost of the pendant in gold is 27 000 rubles in silver 7000 rubles.